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Update (26. June 2015)
We start the project again.
    1. First start with cleared up in zwaveapi.
    2. to make some around, we define the individual units.
    3. ZwaveApi.Net must update to> .net 3.5
    4. There shall make a WCF (WebService) to control ZwaveApi. networks.
    5. A test system to test with
    6. Plus a lot of other things.

so join and help.

Update (05. May 2011)
New project name ZWaveApiServer is upload.
It runs like a Silverlight 4 WCF under IIS.
Help need.

Update (31 Jan. 2011)
New version of ZWaveApi underway. The following things are changing.
1. Runs as a WCF service. Can now running under IIS. Currently you can run it in Visual Stadio 2010
2. A Silverlight 4 client that can. (Runs with WCF in Visual Stadio 2010)
A. Start and stop ZWaveApi.
B. Get all nodes and display them in a tree view.
C. Display info on Zwave interface.
D. Can turn on and off command class SwitchBinary.

More as it gets in this game.

I would like to know if there some who will help with this project.

Project Description
This project is aim to create an open class library on ZWave. It is based on article from

I had some prolemmer with the design and code in the current ZWaveApi.

Working on a solution and it will probably take some time to fixes

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